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A feature that aids in building communities around the world to share opinions that are honest and trust worthy before making a purchasing decision.

Group Project
Project Duration: September - November 2017 (9 weeks).
My Role: User Research, Scenario Planning, Project Management, Concept Development, Business Plan Development.

Overview & Challenge

We started out with: 
A brief of “Social Networks” was given to us, after having brainstormed various fields within Social Networks, we approached it with our own personal approach to a problem that we felt many face in a similar situation.

Going forward:

So our first step was to look at the current offerings around social networks and how do social networks form.


For our Prototype: Millennials and Generation Z: Young Adults.


Data showed us that they shop online much higher and prefer in doing so as well.

They are very much interested in convenience, trust, and authenticity.


How might we create a social community within an interactive online shopping experience where customers can make purchasing decisions by obtaining shared experiences and opinions?


The Team


All the members of this team belong to different parts of the world. Even though we are globally connected with each other through social media, we sometimes require to communicate with people we rely on at any given time of the day. 

This problem was majorly faced while taking decisions in buying online products. Due to different time zones around the world, it is difficult to connect immediate friends and family with each other, but how about connecting people from around the world to create reliable relationships?



Below is our prototype of how we had envisioned our offering to function within online shopping platforms.


Through these global communities, digital buyers from all over the world can interact, build personal connections and share real-time; forming one big global family with similar interests.


Secondary and Primary Research involved us to understand our users, how humans interact when shopping, what is already being offered currently and much more.
We looked at both Qualitative and Quantitative data sets.

Research & Development

Tools Used: 

Qualitative & Quantitative research tools

SWOT analysis

Competitor analysis

Attributes to differentiate our offering

Industry Key Success Factors (KSF's)


User testing

User journey mapping

Below is the video that comprises of our research data shown as our Pitch.

Below is the mapping of our understanding to connect with people and it has helped us to frame our HMW challenge/opportunity statement.

How might we create a social community within an interactive online shopping experience where customers can make purchasing decisions by obtaining shared experiences and opinions?

Below is Our positioning of our company within the industry and our Value Proposition


For online shopping customers

Who consider others opinions before making decisions

Our feature will be an add-on feature to shopping platforms  

We do this by enabling users to come closer and have a real 
time interactive experience 

Unlike other social media platforms that lack in connecting its consumer base, promote advertisement and have a limited form of interaction.

Our feature is different as it aids the consumers' decision-making process by making online shopping social, connected and interactive.

Our company: embedding human relationships
Our industry: social networking service and online shopping


We did an evaluation of the possible threats based on anticipating future scenarios from understanding the current happenings which in-turn helped us to develop our Strategic Options for the 2 most impactful scenarios.

Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Scenario Planning

- It was intriguing to learn about how social networks form, under various situations and what influences people.

- We could go on researching about Social networks but it is important to stick to deadlines in order to move ahead.

- Collaboration and team efforts bring the project to the best it can be.

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